The word "Church" often brings up the wrong ideas... suits, dresses, fake people, legalism, and judgmental people.

But the Church is not a building -- it is people who believe in Jesus.  We do. Our hope is that our "like-home" atmosphere and imperfect people will make you feel like you belong.

Come and visit -- you might find your hurt getting healed, or your loneliness leaving, or your joy returning, or your hope igniting.  

We beleive that the Church is a people who exist to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to all people. We demonstrate the love of Christ through our actions and by the way we treat each other. Freedom Church is a place to BELONG as a family, BELIEVE in the saving power of Jesus Christ, and BECOME what we were meant to be! 

We welcome you to Belong, Beleive, and Become with us as we strive for our NEXT! 


-Pastor Adam Bishop